Who we are

Power Electronics & Wireless Power Research

Prof Grant Covic Lead Principal Investigator
Emeritus Distinguished Prof John Boys Inductive Power Transfer Specialist (Contractor)
Dr Duleepa Thrimawithana Electromagnetic & electronic design
Dr Seho Kim Electromagnetic & electronic design
Vahid Zahiri Barsari Electronics Phd
Tharindu Dharmakeerthi Electronics Phd
Dr Michael O’Sullivan Electromagnetic optimisation modelling
Howard Lu Power Electronics Technical Support

Transportation Research & Economics

Dr Doug Wilson Co-Principal Investigator Pavement/Economics
Dr Tam Larkin Pavement materials
Sujith Padiyara Economic optimisation senior technician
Tumanako Ngawhika Faaui Lecturer – Vision Matauranga
Prof Basil Sharp Economic optimisation modellers
Dr Selena Sheng Economic optimisation modellers
Dr Prakash Ranjitkar Economic optimisation modellers
Ahmed Marghani Civil & Environmental Phd
Ramesh Mahji Economics Phd
Glynn Holleran Roading Specialist (Contractor)
Pari Agchelo Civil & Environmental Phd
Jade Xiao Transport Optimisation modeller
Dan Fray Technical Support

Mechanical Integration & Protection

Prof Simon Bickerton Co-Principal Investigator Centre for Advanced Composite Materials, Manufacturing and thermal response
Associate Prof Piaras Kelly Material models, Multi-physics modelling
Dr Tom Allen Structural and thermal design, Design optimisation
Maedeh Amirpourmolla Structural and thermal design, Multi-physics modelling
Willsen Wijaya Structural and thermal design, Multi-physics modelling
Kai-Yeung Li Phd Centre for Advanced Composite Materials
Christof Piefke Phd Centre for Advanced Composite Materials

GNS Science

John Kennedy Co-Principal Investigator – Magnetic Materials and Devices
Jerome Leveneur Magnetic materials
Bill Tromepetter Material Processing
James Turner Instrumentation engineer

Robinson Research Institute

Nick Long Science Leader – Magnetic Materials
Shen Chong Magnetic composites
Fergus Robinson Magnetic composites
Sin Hoi Phang Instrumentation

School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington

Grant Williams Magnetic nanostructures
Tehreema Nawaz Magnetic nanostructures